Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beyond Control by Kit Rocha


Beyond - Book 2

4.5 stars!! OH man, I AM HOOKED! I thought it was bad after the first novel, Beyond Shame, but I swear, when an erotic romance makes you SOB for the length of 2, almost 3 chapters, you are SO sunk. *LOL*

Lex, Alexa, the queen, OMG, what a woman! See, I wasn't 100% sold on the idea of these women being completely happy while 'belonging' to their man/men. There's so much feminism, entitlement, agency - all that kind of talk in my twitter timeline, that I found myself feeling a little guilty about enjoying these novels so much - especially after the first one. But in reading Lex's story, it became so clear to me that she - and the other women - were just as strong, if not STRONGER than those men. :) 

So, thank you, Alexa, for showing me that it's just playing that game to feel guilty. 

The sex scenes - and there are a TON of them - are so damned hot and steamy that you really need to read them to have any idea. :) But it's not only about that. There's a story here. A plot. Some great world-building. Secondary characters that are more than cardboard cutouts or walk-on extras. These are BOOKS people!! It's as if Sons of Anarchy met the world of Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series and had an illegitimate child.

And the m/m element that I sensed in the first book makes itself known in this volume and while it's not a lot, MAN, it's hot! And it makes me happy. I cannot WAIT for the next book, Beyond Pain. Oh, and if anyone is wondering, my favourite O'Kane is still Ace, the tattoo artist. THANK YOU, Lauren Dane, for recommending these books on Twitter!! And yes, the books are definite re-read material. :)

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