Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rule of Three by Kelly Jamieson


Rule of Three - Book 1

I love it when someone recs a free read from an author I've never read before and it's actually Really Damned Good. :) That was the case for Rule of Three

The story of Kassidy, Dag and Chris was really an actual journey with attention paid to the "OMG, am I doing something morally wrong." worry that often is either missing or completely overdone.

Chris and Kassidy are a couple and are moving in together; Dag is Chris' college roommate and best friend who he hasn't seen in quite a while. Dag comes back to town, reconnects with his friend and meets the love of his friend's life and we're off to the races. 

I bought the premise hook, line and sinker. How the various attractions kindled and grew and how Kassidy (for the most part) came to reconcile her 'good girl' character with loving and wanting two different men. Chris and Dag's journeys were also well done and believable and the two men were different enough, yet similar in some ways that I could totally believe Kassidy's feelings for each of them. (I tend to be skeptical of threesomes where the two people of the same sex are diametrically opposite of each other.)

And the sex scenes... OMG, the Sex Scenes! They were hot, hot, hot and steamy as all get out. And I never got mixed up with which man belonged to which body part. :) Very important when you're reading menage sex. In closing, I really, really enjoyed this and Kelly Jamieson is now on my Approved Authors list. :) I'm going to check her back list now.

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