Monday, January 27, 2014

Dirty Deeds by SE Jakes


Dirty Deeds - Book 1

Oh my, this was one steamy novella! The mysterious Cillian and fascinating Mal of the Hell or High Water series are here, starting their own adventures.

I unabashedly loved it. I loved finding out some of the back stories of these characters. I loved the IM back and forths. And the steamy face-to-face sex scenes.... OMG! The HEAT! New Orleans in the summertime hot, babe!

And the ending! Everyone's calling it a cliffhanger. That ain't no cliffhanger, baby... that's one helluva REVEAL.

I think that basically what this work does is set up this corner of the universe, introduces us to the main characters, lets us begin to fall in love with them and gives us one helluva conflict for them to overcome. And yes, the whole thing might be Over The Top, but it's FUN OTT.

And I do not know if SE was giving one of my favourite TV shows (and one I know she enjoys as well) a nod or not... but man, Cillian working for SB-20? The action/adventure show, Strike Back is about the totally deniable Section 20 of British Intelligence. Love it!

In the end, this is a super addition to the HOHW universe and I recommend it and indeed all the books in this universe.

*waits barely patiently for the next book*

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