Thursday, March 27, 2014

Avempartha by Michael J. Sullivan


The Riyria Revelations - Book 2

An editor! My kingdom for a content editor!

Seriously, there are so many infodumps in this book that it's close on a reference book at times! And also, included in these infodumps are little instances of 'deux ex machina' that really could have been brought out in a much more natural way earlier in the book. And fat... dear Lord, there is fat. I understand that the author wrote this series as an experiment that became books in a series, so that my be the reasoning for the lack. But damn, if this was just tighter, it'd be great instead of just good.

But that being said, I really enjoyed this second installment of the adventures of Hadrian and Royce. I think the main reason I enjoyed it as much as I did was because I love the main characters - and YAY!, we find out a little more of their backrounds. Just when I think Hadrian might be my favourite, Royce will say or do something that will make him my favourite until the moment that Hadrian does something depricatingly heroic and BAM! he's my fave again. *LOL*

The secondary characters are fun and flesh-out as well. Princess Arista, Thrace the farm girl, Esrahaddon the wizard, the Pickering brothers... all nicely well-rounded and interesting. The baddies are baddies and obviously so, at least in this installment, but that works for me. As often happens in fantasy novels, the baddies belong to the big church that wants to run everything and so many of their high-ranking officials are nowhere near the holy men they should be. So yes, it's a typical fantasy, but the tale it tells and the trails it takes to get there are very worth reading.

Will I read the others? There are 4 more books in the series from what I can tell and yes, I will. Good, fun, fantasy with a terrific bromance is always welcome in my ereader. :) Hopefully, the latter books are a little better edited for content.

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