Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Mermaid Murders by Josh Lanyon


Art of Murder Mysteries - Book 1

I am satisfied the way one is satisfied after a wonderful meal of a great burger made just the way you love it and an order of the best fries ever. With a chocolate milkshake. :)

I really enjoy cop/detective buddy mystery/romance type books and this is a good one. I loved the characters because they were mature, not kids - 33 and in his 40s - and they have flaws and are even unlikable every once in a while. We get to know the younger one, Jason, far more than Sam Kennedy, the older part of the duo, because the book is written from his viewpoint. *LOL* The whole romance/relationship thing happened a bit fast and wasn't really delved into deeply, but that kept the focus more on the mystery, I think. And that's okay - this is the first of a series, it seems. The Art of Murder series.

The mystery. It worked for me. I had no idea whodunit until right near the end - when I think I was supposed to figure it out - right before the climax of the novel. There was a nice netful of red herrings, clues that I only realised were clues when I realised who the murderer was, and dead ends that were actually dead ends. :) And as far as the actual explanation of the murder... it worked for me in that, for a change, it wasn't all complicated and convoluted.

A worthy companion to the buddy mysteries I love - Ty & Zane, Tommy & Prophet, the Psycop series.

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