Friday, April 15, 2016

Land of Shadows by Rachel Howzell Hall


Elouise Norton Mysteries - Book 1

This is the first of the Detective Elouise Norton novels, in which we are introduced to the very real character of Elouise and follow her as she tries to solve the murder of a young woman in current day Los Angeles. That it mirrors another disappearance from her past makes the case that much more important.

Elouise, Lou as her friends call her, is a very real, very interesting, very recognisable character. I grew to like her very, very much. The author was not afraid of giving her believable flaws to go along with her believable talents. And she's funny. I like her wry wit and that amused cynical observation ability she has. She's a terrific character to base a series on, if you ask me. :)

I liked the cast of supporting characters as well. They all seemed very real and were diverse where they needed to be diverse. In other words, I didn't feel as if the different ethnicities were added because that's what we do now. (So often the diversity seems inserted just for approval, I find.) This is how a detective squad looks in LA. I assume that in later books (the 3rd volume is out next month, I think... and a quick look at the blurbs tell me that it's so) we will be exploring more and more of them.

The murder mystery had me going until the end and the climax of the story worked quite well, I thought. I also appreciated the short chapters - it kept a sense of urgency going throughout the novel. I kept wanting to turn the pages and then ... oh, just another chapter before I turn out the light. Some authors will say that it doesn't matter and I have to disagee. :)

So yes... I'm adding Elouise Norton to the mystery series that I will follow. It was really good!

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