Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Tank by M. Malone


Blue-Collar Billionaires - Book 1

was one of the books I got in a freebie download about a month ago and I really didn't have it high on my I HAVE TO READ NOW list, but then a couple of days ago, one of the wonderful librarians I follow on Twitter, Robin Bradford, recommended the whole series of Blue Collar Billionaires when she finished the last of the 5 saying she'd thoroughly enjoyed them all. So... Tank moved to the top of the list. :)

And it was great fun! Alternating first person POVs between the hero and the heroine was a bit off-putting for me at first, but I soon got used to it. The voices were distinct, which doesn't always happen BTW, and I really did get a kick out of the inner workings of Tank's (Tanner) mind.

I liked all the characters I was supposed to like and disliked the one or two that I was supposed to dislike. I like Tank and his brothers and was quite honestly pleased that there wasn't a ton of angst between them to be dealt with.

The love story between Tank and Emma was cute and hot and steamy and fun and amusing and I was glad they were together.

I have seen this book catagorised as New Adult but it wasn't annoying to me as most New Adult books are. Maybe I aged the characters up a little in my mind. *LOL*

Anyway, fun read and I'll probably be reading the rest of the series at some point. :)

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