Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fairs' Point by Melissa Scott


Astreiant - Book 4

From one police procedural to the next, it seems. This one, Fairs' Point is set in the fantasy city of Astreiant and is the fourth in the series starring Nicco Rathe, the cop and Phillip Eslingen, the soldier as they solve the latest mystery to come their way.

The story takes place around the yearly dog races and Phillip actually acquires a young pup. I must say, the scenes between him, the dog and the young dog trainer, Naimi, that he hires to take care of the young racing dog are some of my favourites in the book.

We meet a few of the characters from the three previous books and it is lovely to see them again. I'm especially fond of Sohier, Rathe's co-worker and wished to see more of her.

The politics of Astreiant are twined around the mystery as they have been in previous books, and once again, they leave me confused, but I think all that means is that I can't extrapolate some of the clues that are laid in the mystery, so when the climax comes, I'm more surprised than maybe the average reader. *LOL*

Phillip is still my fave of faves and I'm very glad he and Nicco are settling into their relationship, and are able to solve the bumps that come along the way. They make for a good partnership all around! :)

Hopefully Melissa Scott is working on the next in the series, Point of Sighs, because I need more of this whole cast of characters. I hear hints that it might be about Rathe's friend, Istre b’Estorr, who I quite adore too.

In short, I just need more Astreiant!

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