Monday, June 17, 2013

Finding Master Right by L.A. Witt


This was a hugely fun read, even though I wanted to smack both Chase and Derek upside their clued-out heads through most of it. *LOL* Talk about being at cross-purposes! Boys, all this angst and heartache could have been avoided if only you'd have TALKED ABOUT THINGS! And talked honestly! But then we wouldn't have had a story. 

I think what makes this book work is the two main characters and the colourful secondary group. They're just fun guys. We don't get to know much about them beyond their love lifes... love lives... whatever. :) But I don't feel short-changed over that, it really wasn't important to the tale. 

I really enjoyed the look into a kinky, leather convention, but I was left with one question, and that being, were there really that few female attendees? It seemed like a glaring absence to me, but I guess I'm being unfairly picky because it doesn't really matter to Chase and Derek's story. 

Lastly, I find myself thinking that since the author has indicated that maybe Master Raul might be getting his own story (of course) it wouldn't surprise me if he gets hooked up with Ian. *sigh* I hope not. Too predictable for my blood. So, in the end, a great, fun, kinky read! Highly recommended! :)

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