Tuesday, October 22, 2013

30 Day Challenge - Day 22

Day 22 - Favourite book you own.

Well, I own copies of all the books I talk about. That's why I ended up buying an ereader after thinking they were the devil's tool for so long, I was running out of shelf space! *LOL* I have 11 bookshelves scattered over the house. I collect books, but not first editions and stuff like that. I have many series or singles where I have the hardcover and the paperback. I've often said that a book that comes into my house has a home for life.

The one book I regret NOT owning is a copy of The Lord of the Rings (all 3 volumes in one), leather bound with onion-skin pages. It came in a slipcase. Back in 1975 when I worked at the local WH Smith shop (when they had them in Canada) they were selling the book for $45 and I would have gotten an employee discount on that, but I never acquired it. I really regret that now.

Edit: So in talking to my good friend on Facebook, he made me actually DECIDE! So, this is what I told him.

Well..... I have a lot of old books, my grandfather's, my parents', my aunt's. Things like Hopalong Cassidy in hardcover from the 20s, the set of The Works of Dumas that my dad loved, all my aunt's Frances Parkinson Keyes that were her faves... um... I guess maybe, push comes to hard shove, I'd have to say it's my copy of Beau Geste that was my mom's. It's a hardcover from the 30s, I think (too lazy to go upstairs and pull it out) and it's falling apart, it's been read so much. It's one of my fave books and it was one of my mom's favourites too, so... okay.. maybe that one.

Thanks Mikey!

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