Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blood Magick by Nora Roberts


The Cousins O'Dwyer - Book 3

And that's a wrap! :) The trilogy is finished and all's well that ends well and I am a contented reader.

Blood Magick, the finale of the trilogy, focusses on Branna - who is really the head witch - and Fin, the man she's loved since they were children. But, Fin bears the mark of Cabhan - the baddie - and as well, is part of his bloodline, so he and Branna can never be together, the main reason being that they refuse to pass the curse on to any innocent children they might have.

Yes, the whole trilogy is filled with what I term Nora Tropes and follows a predictable plotline - but it's the journey that I love, what she does with her tropes and the way she writes her characters, the banter, the loving, the no-nonsense and the sweetness. I love how she incorporates family pets into the story - although I would LOVE to have seen a little more of Bugs and Merlin in this one, seeing as we were getting Fin's story.

So, yes, I am replete with satisfaction at the end of this trilogy. I basically knew what was going to happen (Nora Tropes), but there were indeed a few surprises for me, and I was brought to tears a couple of times too. Yes, I am a sap. *LOL*

So overall, I would give the trilogy 4 stars, with the 2nd book being my favourite (4.5 stars) .

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