Friday, May 1, 2015

Bound with Love by Megan Mulry


Regency Reimagined - Book 2

I received a copy of Bound with Love as part of the Riptide Advance Read program.

If only I was able to suspend belief enough to accept that everyone in this book is involved or wants to be involved in some kind of queer or menage relationship I think I would enjoy it much more. Because the book is well written, much in the style I've come to associate with Regency romances and many of the characters are interesting. It's just that with all the non-mainstream romances going on, it seems as if the author is trying to stuff as many characters with different queernesses into her story as possible. This would work for me in a science fiction or fantasy setting, I think, but in a historical, non-alternate world book... I find it just too much.

However the love scenes between Nora and Vanessa were nicely done, I thought. Just explicit enough to fit with the overall feel of the book and I did enjoy the relationship between the two of them. This story is really more about family and mothering than the actual romance between the two women and the realisations that they come to, whilst very convenient timing-wise, were valid and logical. I think many mothers have been there. :)

So, I am sure that many readers out there will enjoy this novella more than I did if they're able to put aside the everyone in the book is queer in some way coincidences. It was fun getting to see more of the characters we met in the first book, Bound to be a Groom - they play a vital role in this story - and we do meet characters whose stories are coming in the series.

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