Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dead Cold by Louise Penny


Chief Inspector Gamache - Book 2

I finally picked up the second book in the Inspector Gamache series and I hate that I made myself wait so long (it's all about that damned book budget! *LOL*). Dead Cold was SO good!

The team is back, even the ones we might not be so fond of. And the residents of Three Pines are back in all their glory too. That's one of the things I like about Penny's characters. Some of them are not pleasant and that's okay, because in life, everyone has faults, right? I think so, anyway.

As I read through the book, my ideas on the guilty party seemed to change with every couple of chapters. There were clues all over the place and I love the way that Penny brings them all together in one lovely whole at the end. And the thing is, you have to pay attention because small things at the beginning of the story that are seemingly just atmospheric, end up being rather important!

And not only do we have the big mystery, the raison d'etre if you will, of the book, but we have a continuing thread of the case that lead to Inspector Gamache's ... well, not downfall, but ... well, maybe that's coming. *LOL* I'm going to need to read book 3 to find out more. :)

Earlier this year, I bought books 7, 8, 9 and 10 when they were on sale (Penny's books tend be in the $9.99 to $15.99 range), but because of the overarching character development I want to read them in order - as Penny herself suggests. Not really necessary, but probably more enjoyable. :)

So yes, I loved this mystery, I love these characters and I love this series. And yeah, being set in the Eastern Townships, an area fairly close to me, the setting is quite recognisable and comfortable. It's reading a book like this that makes me happy I've begun to read mysteries again. :)

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