Tuesday, December 25, 2012

O Come All Ye Kinky by Various Authors


What a great anthology! There's something for everyone. M/M, F/F, menage... all here. A great introduction to authors I hadn't read that I wish to check out. (I had only previously read L.A. Witt before.) 

Really, this is kink done right. None of this 50 Shades apologetic bullshit. These people enjoy their kinks! I can't even pick a favourite story out of the bunch because they were all that good. :) 

I guess I especially liked "Fireworks" by Katie Porter because I read so little f/f fiction. Of course that could change tomorrow. *LOL* But believe me, there are stories here that I will read again and again. Do yourself a favour and whatever time of year it is, check out O Come All Ye Kinky. You won't be disappointed. :) 

(And yes, I did finish it in the wee hours of Christmas morning. *LOL*)