Friday, November 20, 2015

Changeless by Gail Carriger


The Parasol Protectorate - Book 2

2nd book in the Parasol Protectorate series and it was even more fun than the first one! We meet a bunch of new friends and learn more about Conall's background and indeed more about the workings of a werewolf pack.

Rollicking. :) That's how I would describe this tale. I find myself laughing aloud, especially at Alexia's inner dialogue. I love her dry humour and her business-like manner. One thing that the author does is imbue her characters with a sense of humour - all of the characters. That just brings them alive to me. I didn't see enough of my favourite secondary characters though... Akeldama and Lyall. Maybe in the next volume. :)

The book ends with quite the cliffhanger so now I have to decide if I break my rule of not binge-reading series. Decisions, decisions, decisions.... ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Pinch of the Game by Charley Descoteaux


So I was looking for a quick read and this light-hearted novella seemed to be just the thing. And it was... I enjoyed it... I think. But I'm still so confused. I feel as if I was missing many different parts of the story for it to make sense. Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm not up on the conventions of paranormal type stories, but I sincerely found myself left with more questions at the end of the story than at the beginning!

I liked the characters, the main characters and the secondary ones, but it being a novella, I felt as if some of them were given short shrift, sadly. We only got to see the surface of many of them. And I know that too much 'backstory' is considered anathema in a lot of romances, but I think this tale could have profited from a little more than I got. I would also have liked a little more explanation of the magic and how it works in this reality.

It's a shame, really, because I enjoy Charley's writing and I think this story was filled with great ideas and the glimmers of fun characters but... I shouldn't be left thinking I've missed reading half the book. :( I was disappointed.

But I must add... I love the cover art! It's gorgeous!

The Dead of Winter by Peter Kirby


Luc Vanier Mysteries - Book 1

I picked this up because I saw the author interviewed on our local news and I liked him. :)

So it's a mystery set in Montreal, starring Police Inspector Luc Vanier and I loved seeing all the familiar places pop up in the book and the familiar Montreal attitudes and personalities. It all felt nice and familiar.

The mystery itself was fairly well plotted and kept me wondering until quite far along in the book. I enjoyed the different characters, good guys and bad guys - most of them were nicely fleshed out. I also enjoyed the voice of the book. Just enough introspection and thoughtfulness to make things interesting. I do wonder, however, what it was that made Luc's wife pack up and leave. I guess I have to read the next one to find out. *LOL*

Anyway, a very enjoyable read for me.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Provoked by Joanna Chambers


Enlightenment - Book 1

This is the first of three books in the Enlightenment series of m/m regency historicals. All three books follow the story of David Lauriston who is a "lowborn" lawyer (for the life of me right now I can't remember if he's a solicitor or a barrister) and Lord Murdo Balfour. What begins as a furtive yet heated encounter in a dark side alley becomes a story of growing and undeniable attraction for the two men.

It's much more than a love story though. There's the story of the weavers that David defended in the courts and the search for the man that infiltrated them. There's the clashing of two social worlds, the working class and the aristocrats. It's a very full novel! :)

The characters are very well drawn, even the secondary characters. No cookie cutters here. They all have flaws, nobody is perfect and I love that.

And don't go looking for a HEA here... or even a HFN... this is the first installment of a three-part story and I have no doubt that there will be a happy ending at the very end of the third part and even if it's not traditionally happy, it will be quite satisfying.

Now I must get the other two books! *LOL*

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sinner's Gin by Rhys Ford


Sinners - Book 1

Rhys Ford never disappoints. :) I loved the Cole McGinnis series and it looks like I'm going to feel the same way about this Sinners series if Sinner's Gin is any indication.

Miki St. John is a rockstar with a tragic past. Kane Morgan is a cop with a HUGE Irish family. They're both great characters and I fell for them easily. :) Their love story is satisfying and their sexytimes scenes are numerous and steamy. The mystery works for the most part (I'm still wondering about that last attack and why the perp went there, but...) and justice eventually prevails. :)

There's a dog. His name is Dude and he is QUITE hysterical.

Kane's family is something else. Gorgeous, Irish, huge, quirky, loving. I love families like these in my romances. Yeah, there's going to be issues in all that perfection, but that's part of the fun for me!

I really enjoyed Sinner's Gin and am looking forward to the rest of the series. :)

So yeah, once again, Rhys does not disappoint.

Love Like Ghosts by Ally Blue


Bay City Paranormal Investigations - Book 7
Mojo Mystery Series - Book 1
So this book is officially #7 in the Bay City Paranormal Investigations series, but it really is the introduction to a new series, the Mojo Mystery Series which stars the oldest son of one of the MCs of the BCP series. So, that being said... I picked this up because someone recced the latest in the Mojo series and since this one was on sale, I figured to give the series a try.

I got tricked (okay, not tricked but...) into a NA book, I think. I found both the main characters, Adrian (the afore-mentioned son) and Greg really quite unlikable. Both of them whine, they both jump to silly conclusions, they both have tantrums, they're both suspicious of everything the other does... they were just very tiresome. I found myself thinking that if they were both open and honest with each other about the shit from their pasts that was making them both so 'skittish?', then more attention could be paid to actually growing their relationship and also, figuring out what the deal was with the ghost. But isn't all this DRAMA part and parcel of the New Adult book experience? UGH!

Another thing that bothered me was the introduction of a ton of negligible characters - classmates, neighbours etc... Do we really need to name them and give them a tiny backstory if we're only going to see them on one page handing something to one of the MCs? I don't think so.

So, that being said, will I read the other books in the series? At some point, probably. I've enjoyed other stories by this author and I do respect the opinion of the person who recced the latest in the series to me, but for now, I think I shall let Adrian and Greg be.