Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville


This book would have rated 5 stars from me but for one thing. The dialogue of one of the two main characters. 

The author writes D's dialogue as him having an accent... what one might consider an unschooled accent. Coulda... have ta... would a... cain't... It was extremely distracting and actually made things more difficult to read. I had to go back and read lines two, sometimes three times. In my opinion, the author had absolutely no need to lay it on so thick. Pick one or two words to establish that the character has a distinctive way of speaking and go with that. Were this a simple secondary or background character, it wouldn't be a problem, but not for one of the main guys!

That being said, the book was a great read. I loved both characters and how the author fleshed them out. I really appreciated that Jack couldn't just pooh-pooh away D's past, and I really enjoyed the fact that it took almost forever for D to open up to Jack. The story itself was good, the plot worked for me, a little far-fetched at times, but hey, I read Tom Clancy too. :) I could have done without that last case of D's, but I guess if the author is setting us up for a sequel, there needed to be a hook. It was kind of gruesome though. The romance was good and the sex scenes were steamingly hot. 

Will I read more of Jane Seville's work? You betcha! Will I recommend Zero at the Bone? You betcha! Like I said, almost a 5 star read!

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