Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford


The Cole McGinnis Mysteries - Book 1

I enjoyed this! Good book. Good characters. Definitely the beginning of the series. This really could have been a great book if only the editing had been a little tighter. Not that there were huge, glaring errors, but little things, details, repetition of words, things that made my eyebrows knit together and slightly pull me out of the story. 

That being said, I totally love the unfolding of Cole and Jae's relationship. There's physical chemistry from the get-go, and it gets acted upon, but there's still so much emotional chemistry to be explored and the author takes that nice and slow. I also love Cole and Neko, the cat. :) 

The story is written in the first person POV, which is not everyone's cup of tea, but it is well-done in that respect. The mystery is good - I didn't have it figured out after 2 chapters which happens far too often. The supporting characters, Cole's brother and his secretary/conscience keeper are great. And I'm wondering if the lady detective is going to be a recurring character. 

I am very comfortable in recommending this book and am looking forward to reading #2 myself! :)

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