Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dirty Laundry by Heidi Cullinan


Tucker Springs - Book 3

I LOVED this book! One of the clichés of love stories is the "I'm a better me when I'm with you." and in so many cases we never see evidence of it other than the characters say so. In Dirty Laundry we DO see it. We see the first seeds get planted, so to speak, in the laundromat and we get to see the seedling push through the ground in the bar, the leaves unfurl and the stem grow strong in the various other places around Tucker Springs as Adam and Denver navigate the mine fields of... well... themselves. :) 

They are so perfect for each other and it's wonderful to watch them come to recognise this. I cried for Adam more than once and even Denver had me wiping away tears once - yes, it's that kind of heart-touching book.

Heidi Cullinan manages to convey to the reader what it's like to live with OCD and how it affects every aspect of a person's life. I love the solutions that Denver and Adam found to deal with the fact of the disorder and what I love most is that Denver didn't run when the going got tough and neither did Adam. And for me, the BDSM aspects of the story were perfect! The sex was hot and dirty sexy - Heidi writes GREAT sex scenes - and even the simple touch of a hand against a cheek was beautifully erotic.

So, yes, I loved this book and everyone should go out and buy it and read it again and again. I intend to!

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