Friday, July 5, 2013

Forever Promised by Amy Lane


Promises - Book 4

Five minutes ago, I finished Forever Promised and I am still weeping. :) First thing I did was tweet wonderful Amy to thank her for such simple beauty, then I blew my nose again. I LOVED this book and I LOVE this series and while I am so very sad that the series is over, it's one of those happy-sad things because the series came to such a perfect circle with Promise Rock right in the center of it.

(And I read so slowly, savoring every paragraph, wanting it to last forever.) 

All of our favourites are here, every last one of them takes the stage and has their time in the sun, so to speak. My favourite of all my favourites has always been and always will be that little diva Mikhail. I love him and I love how he loves his cop and everyone else. 

Tears, Lord, I shed a lot of them reading this book - sad ones AND happy ones. And tears shed just because the telling of the tale was so beautiful. :) The last quarter of the book was read through misty eyes.

And the last line... THE LAST LINE! The ultimate perfect way to close the curtain on our beloved people. (And now I'm reaching for another kleenex.) So, thank you again, Amy, for writing the stories of these most awesome characters and sharing them with us. You did them proud. :)

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