Thursday, January 31, 2008

Dance of the Gods by Nora Roberts


The Circle Trilogy - Book 2

The second one was better than the first - Morrigan's Cross. I will admit to falling a little in love with Larkin, this book's hero. It was refreshing to read about a light-hearted, fun-loving, shape-changing, always thinking of sex or food first and foremost, guy. And make no mistake about it, Larkin is a GUY. A guy after my own heart - he can turn into a dragon (amongst other things). *grin* 

Blair, the heroine, a is tough, smart, pretty - not gorgeous, no-nonsense chick and I found myself liking her a lot too. The suspense was a little more evident in this second of three volumes as the ante gets upped by Lilith and her 'army of darkness', and the move is made from present day Ireland to the mythical land of Geall. The sense of war on the horizon becomes a little more real and close; and the Circle of Six becomes closer and tighter. And the romance between Larkin and Blair is a fun ride. I mean seriously, the guy can turn into a dragon!

Nora never disappoints, always delivering a good read at the very least.

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