Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sea Swept by Nora Roberts


Chesapeake Bay Saga - Book 1

I loved this book! And I realised why I love Nora's books so much. The men hold the POV stage just as much if not more than the women do. 

The scenes of the hero, Cameron Quinn, with his brothers were sheer delight! They made me laugh out loud and wish there were more. The growing brotherly relationship between Cameron and Seth was touching and real. I mean, really, what man notices a boy needs new shoes, for instance? Not Quinn! The ensuing man-trip (all 4 brothers) to the shopping mall was hysterical. 

The romance between Quinn and Anna was hot and sexy for one thing, and it was refreshing to see the trust grow on BOTH sides, in an adult fashion, as opposed to the usual romance thing where it's usually all one-sided. And the other refreshing thing? People curse. Men and women. Kids too. *grin* That's life. Nora's dialogue is real and seldom, if ever, reads as contrived. 

I couldn't put Sea Swept down once I started it and now I know there's another trip to the second-hand bookstore in my very near future to pick up the other two volumes of the trilogy.

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