Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Warrior's Cross by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

4.5 STARS 

I want it to be 4.5 stars, really. :)  (2016/05/29 - So I updated from Goodreads. *g*)

I loved this book and wonder why I haven't read it before, seeing as Abigail and Madeleine are among my most favorite m/m authors. 

I will state it right here and now, I am in love with Julian Cross. I want to mother Cameron, but I am madly in love with Julian. *LOL* I loved how they met, I loved how their relationship grew, I loved the trials and tribulations of their relationship and I loved the climax and denouement of their story. 

Not only were Julian and Cameron gorgeously drawn characters, bordering on stereotype, but not tumbling into the abyss, they both held a sweet charm that grabbed me from the beginning. And the supporting cast, the waitresses, Blake, Preston, the animals, even the villain of the piece were wonderfully drawn, helping out the story, fleshing out Cameron and Julian's lives and just being 'right'. The sex was hot, the love and affection heart-warming and affirming, the humour chuckle-inducing and the mystery well done enough to give one pause. 

I loved it.

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