Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Case of Possession by KJ Charles


A Charm of Magpies - Book 2

I love this series. I loved this book. It was a most comfortable, easy and fun read. I love the author's voice - it holds just the right amount of a historical flair, yet not so much that the narrative seems quaint or dated.

And I love that we're taking the relationship between Stephen and Crane slowly and that even though we know they adore each other, their obstacles are very real and big enough to give them pause. And their sex scenes, while being few and far between, are always hot and sexy and lovely.

This is mostly Crane's tale to tell. We learn more about his past in China, although not nearly enough for me. *LOL* I have to assume the author will take us there over time. Can't spill all the good stuff at once!

The magic is kind of frightening. Rats? UGH! And not just any rats either. Big ugly magical type mofos! Of course there are good sides to it, the connection between Crane and Stephen, the work of the justicars. Good stuff. And it was nice to see more of the justicars and see them interact with Stephen and then Crane. And the character of Saint, the street urchin... I am SO intrigued by her.

This is really a terrific AU of Victorian England that KJ has created. What promised in the first novel carried through in this volume. I have no qualms at all in recommending this series. None at all. :)

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