Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Free Falling by SE Jakes


Extreme Escapes Universe

This is the story of Mick and Blue, two employees of Extreme Escapes Ltd. and how they met, fell in love and became partners. Let me just say now that I am IN LOVE with Mick and Blue. They really are a perfect pair, I think. They are so different, big, tough Mick and slight, quick Blue. Where Prophet and Tommy seem to be cut from the same bolt of cloth, Mick and Blue are more of an opposites attract pair, complimenting each other so well and NEEDING each other so much. And funny... dammit, they made me chuckle out loud on more than one occasion.

The action is tight and tense and the sex is hot and steamy - and the characters are fully formed and just enough over-the-top to be perfect for this type of story.

This novella is a perfect addition to the Extreme Escapes universe and I really hope that we see more Mick and Blue featured tales.

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