Sunday, August 24, 2014

Think of England by KJ Charles


I loved it! Think of England is the story of Archie Curtis and Daniel da Silva, complete opposites inside and out, and I fell in love with them both. Thrown together by happenstance at a country house at a turn of the century (1904) house party, they soon find out that they have many things in common. And thereby hangs the tale. :)

KJ Charles always does her homework and it shows in this novel. The mystery works. The characters are wonderfully drawn. The setting and atmosphere are artfully presented. The dialogue is perfect for the time period, evocative, real and engaging. The love story is sweet without being saccharine. (Daniel is ANYTHING but saccharine! *LOL*) And it doesn't overwhelm the story. The sex scenes are intimate and hot and the attraction between Archie and Daniel, while sudden and quick, works quite nicely I thought.

I also enjoyed the ladies, Fen and Pat and find myself hoping that if KJ continues to write about the adventures of Archie and Daniel, they won't be left out of the fun.

All in all, a terrific m/m romantic suspense historical novel. Yeah, I would definitely read more about the adventures of Archie and Daniel.

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