Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Emerald Storm by Michael J. Sullivan


Riyria Revelations - Book 4

I loved this installment of the Riyria Revelations - book 4 if you're keeping count.

My favourite fantasy brothers-in-arms, Royce and Hadrian are back, this time, their travels taking them to sea on the ship, The Emerald Storm. We meet some new characters, Wyatt, Poe, Wesley who bring some surprises to the tale. :)

We also get to follow Arista as she takes on more of her mantle as a magic-wielder. And Modina and Amelia, empress and 'secretary', are back too.

While this book mainly centered on the high-seas adventure and some growth happening back at the empress' residence and the plots therein - it also felt like a big set-up for the next two books in the series (which I went and purchased as soon as I finished this one to make sure I had them in the ereader for when I wanted them. *LOL*). Oddly, this didn't bother me as much as it might have, I suppose because both plot lines were exciting and engrossing enough on their own.

This is classic epic fantasy done well and I'm enjoying the series immensely!

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