Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fifth Quarter by Tanya Huff


Quarters - Book 2

I really enjoyed Fifth Quarter and I'm not sure why it seemed to take so long to finish it. :) Be that as it may...

This second book in the Quarters series takes on the tale of a pair of assassins, a body-jumper, a family of zombies and a very sad old man. In the story, there are a couple of peripheral characters from the first book (I think that's right - my memory is for shit. *LOL*).

There are adventures to be had, emotions to be uncovered, dangers to be faced as well as a few home truths and I really liked the way it all played out. The main character of Vree was really quite fascinating, I thought, and it was an interesting journey to take with her as her world opens up beyond the army and her assassin role. I'm glad we're going to continue her story in the next book.

I really enjoy Tanya Huff's writing, no matter what genre she's writing in. She has a comfortable, easy way of telling a story that never gets bogged down with extraneous details or literary navel-gazing. I'm glad I have No Quarter in my TBR pile!

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