Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Morning for Flamingos by James Lee Burke

3.5 Stars

Dave Robicheaux - Book Four

Not gonna lie, the title of this book had a lot to do with me giving it a try when it showed up in the 'on sale' section at Kobo.  Me and flamingos, all the way.  😊

So, it's very much a book of its time (published and set in 1990-ish) and I think there are probably terms of speech and attitudes that one wouldn't find today in a series about world-weary yet sometimes hopeful, often dark, detectives or private eyes. That being said, it reminded me a lot of my beloved Travis McGee novels by John D. MacDonald.

I'm not sure that I quite liked Dave Robicheaux, but he didn't piss me off or annoy me. To be fair, I'm starting here with book 4 in his series so I'm pretty sure I don't know him that well yet.  His 'adventures' with the drug and mob culture in his part of the bayou outside New Orleans kept my interest and had enough twists and turns to keep me happy. 

I guess the upshot is, yes, I'll probably read more of this series (there are 22 books in it), but the books won't be at the top of my list and will have to be on sale.

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