Sunday, July 29, 2012

Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux


Cut & Run - Book 5

This is the best Cut & Run book yet! I was so sad when I heard that Madeleine Urban - co-author of the first 4 C&R books - was retiring from writing, thinking that there would be no more Ty & Zane adventures. Then I read that Abigail Roux was continuing the series on her own and I was thrilled! Then I got concerned, worrying that the tone of the books wouldn't be the same, that the things I had come to love would't be there any longer, that Ty & Zane wouldn't be the same any more. In the end, worries were all for nothing! Abigail exceeded every expectation I had. :)

Yes, the overall tone of the book was different from the previous 4; it felt different, almost more friendly, I think. And the 'caper' part of the book actually was the most logical of the adventures since the boys' initial outing. 

So... the major guest-starring roles of Julian and Cameron (and Preston) from Warrior's Cross were PERFECT!!! Oh the four of these men together was a beautiful thing to read! And where Cameron could have come across as pretty baggage, in the end, he more than held his own with the three macho men. :) Nick O'Flaherty, Ty's best friend, also returns and his scene with Zane in the early morning hours brought me to tears. And Deuce! Deuce was back too and this made me very, very happy. As did Smith and Wesson. :) 

Anyway, I am totally in squee-heaven over this book. We learn so much about Ty and why he's the way he is, and we see so very clearly why Zane loves him so much. There were moments that made me laugh out loud and I swear, I'll never think the same way about antique dealers. There were moments that touched me, moments that made me mad and want to smack those men, moments that had me on the edge of my seat and moments that actually made me pause, sigh and go "Awwww!". 

I could not put this book down - well, the ereader - *LOL*. I started it last night and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open and then did absolutely NOTHING today in order to finish it. I loved it!

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