Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley


The Mackenzies/McBrides - Book 1

4.5 stars, damn you Goodreads! 

I loved this book, the first book I've read by Jennifer Ashey. 

I loved the unconventional hero - he suffers from Asperger's (or something similar) you guys! I loved him and I loved his crazy brothers and adorably snarky nephew. I'm a sucker for family sagas and this is right up that alley. Oddly, I know the setting is 1881, but in my brain I was reading it as set a good 30 years earlier - I have no idea why, perhaps the lack of time-defining details? But the story doesn't need them. 

I would have given this book 5 stars had I been in love with the heroine as much as I was with the hero and all the other characters. She was feisty, yes, she had a mind of her own and I LOVED the fact that she loved sex. "Carnality"! She just didn't shine as brightly as I wanted her to when put up against all those gorgeous, tormented men. 

The sex scenes, I have to say, were quite hot and steamy. OH! And the hints of the proclivities of the Duke, oldest brother Hart, were very tantalising. Kinky in a D/s sort of way? I hope she carries through on them. A GREAT romantic read and believe that I will be following the adventures of the Mackenzie brothers as well as searching out Jennifer's other books.

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