Saturday, July 28, 2012

Divide & Conquer by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux


Cut & Run - Book 4

It's really 4.5 stars, damn you Goodreads!

So this latest installment of the adventures of Ty and Zane was everything I needed it to be. It was filled with action, sexytimes, humour, angst and a bunch of handsome men. The action/suspense part of the story, the bombs going off throughout Baltimore served its purpose as the background of the love story of Ty and Zane and served it well. It didn't distract me with odd questions, nor did it leave me scratching my head at any point. 

There were wee glimpses of Deuce, one of my favourite characters in this series, but definitely not enough. We gt to meet Ty's Sidewinder squad (not sure if I have the actual military terminology correct) and he has some intense dealings with them. Manly men being manly. We get to meet Nick, a Very Important Part of Ty's life. We get to see Zane tie himself up in knots, get badly injured, come to some pretty big realisations. All in all, a lot went on in this book and it was all good. 

And then came the last paragraph. 

I wanted to throw my ereader across the room and scream! I HATE these types of cliffhangers - and that's why D&C didn't get 5 stars. :) And that's also why I went online right away and bought myself Armed & Dangerous. And that's why my reading list has been thrown all out of order. *LOL*

I love Ty and Zane and I loved this book! Go! Read the whole series!

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