Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan


Riyria Revelations - Book 6

This was a most satisfying end to a really good series. Some things I had suspected came to be true and others that I suspected did not, which is the way I like things. :)

Thinking back, it seems a long, winding journey from the first book to this one, but I loved the characters so much that it really didn't bother me one bit. I do like well-written epics with great characters.

And we really did come full circle more than many epics do. - I have to wonder if that's because Sullivan waited until all the books were written before publishing it? That might make it easier to tie up all the loose ends.

Royce remains my favorite character of all and boy, oh boy, does he run the gamut of emotions in this book and indeed, throughout the whole series. And Myron.. my goodness, he comes into his own in this book. In my mind's eye, he's Dr. Reid from Criminal Minds. *LOL*

I'm in one of those places where I couldn't give a good review of this book and the whole series if you paid me! *LOL* I can just say that I really, really enjoyed it. The ending was most satisfying and there is definitely a part of me that's sad to see it end. :)

The first book of the series was also the book that rekindled my Big Love for the fantasy genre which had been quiet for a few years.

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