Monday, August 10, 2015

Dragon's Teeth by James A. Hetley


Stonefort - Book 2

Sometimes a book is so good that you zip along, turning page after page, quickly, afraid that you'll miss something if you don't read it RIGHT NOW! Other books are so good because it just feels so good to read them. You take them slow, savouring the flavour of the words, the turns of phrase, the distinctive voice of the author. I love both kinds of books.

Dragon's Teeth is the latter type. It has an easy cadence to it that made me want to read it slowly, the way I'd drink a tumbler of fine single malt scotch. You know, it reads like one would expect life in small town Maine to feel, if that makes any sense.

The second Stonefort book brings us back to the wonderful characters we met in Dragon's Eye. Alice and Kate. The Morgan brothers, Daniel and Ben. Young Gary and his half-sister, Caroline. And a new character as complex and out-of-the-ordinary as the others, Jane White. It's truly like rejoining old friends.
We pick up shortly after the events of Dragon's Eye and I found that I missed the two girls, Daniel's daughters, who had been sent off for a week in the wilderness with the Naskeag Indian side of the family. I liked the youthful perspective on things. But some books can only hold so many characters before the narrative becomes scattered and disjointed, so I can deal with them not being there.

While the story in Dragon's Eye had come to a close, there were still threads dangling and if not exactly dangling, they needed to be completely woven back into the fabric of Stonefort. Dragon's Teeth does this. We see how Gary and Caroline continue the family traditions whilst doing things their way at times. The new generation bringing their special talents to the game. Kate and Alice suffer more heartbreak and sadness, but they also get on with their lives. And Ben and Daniel? Well, a few surprises for them too and I have to say, I'd be really happy to read a book of their adventures. And the new kid on the block, Jane. I liked her. My God, she was odd and different and just this side of scary, but... BUT... there was something about her that made me admire her at the same time as wanting to protect her. Brave, brave girl.

I honestly loved this book. I think James Hetley is an author that should be more known than he is. His voice is different from the majority of what I call contemporary fantasy out there in all the good ways. I highly recommend him and the Stonefort series. :)

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