Monday, January 19, 2015

Dark Witch by Nora Roberts


The Cousins O'Dwyer - Book 1

Nora Roberts is the equivalent of a romance comfort read for me. I love her books, be it the contemporary romances, the mysteries, the singletons, the trilogies, the long series or the magical paranormals. (It's funny because I'm not thrilled with J.D. Robb at all.)

Dark Witch is the first of the O'Dwyer trilogy, the book where we meet all the characters, the magic quest is set and the seeds of love are planted. Yes, there are three women and three men and you know that each couple is going to get their book to shine. The first of these three couples are Iona, fresh come to Ireland and her cousins from America and Boyle, the taciturn, blunt, gorgeous stable owner, longtime friend of these same cousins.

I think probably a lot of readers might not be so fond of Boyle - he's prickly and sometimes not very nice and he really doesn't stand out from the the other two, the brooding Fin or the utterly charming Connor, but I though the was so wonderfully guyish. Sometimes as dumb as a post, saying things that aren't quite what we'd call PC, taking things and Iona for granted at times. I liked him. :)

And I liked Iona. She made me chuckle so much with her non-stop talking when she got nervous. I loved how she loved the horses - a girl after my own heart. I was enchanted by her wonder at her 'newfound' family and I really do think that big, strong, quiet Boyle is perfect for her.

So yes, a very enjoyable read for me from one of my favourites. Hits a lot of my buttons, as Nora always seems to do. And I think I'll be right on to the next book in the trilogy!

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