Friday, January 30, 2015

Traitor's Blade by Sebastien de Castell


Greatcoats - Book 1

What a wonderful surprise this book was! I picked this book and the second volume in the Greatcoats series up when I caught sight of the them on sale at Kobo. It was a guts call, based on the blurb and the cover artwork - you know, how we used to choose books back in the days before all the online review blogs, opinion blogs, publisher blogs etc...

Traitor's Blade is a swashbuckling, action-packed, fast-paced story told in the first person by Falcio Val Mond, the one time First Cantor of the Greatcoats, the travelling magisters of the land. King Paelis has been executed by his Dukes and the Greatcoats disbanded and in disgrace. Falcio, along with his besties, Kest and Brasti are working as bodyguards and things are about to blow up in their faces.
I loved Falcio's voice from the get go. It was easy to read, even the parts where he was giving us the history of something or describing the fights. And OMG, there were a lot of fights to describe. Duels, battles, and fights. That was the one thing I wasn't fond of. Not that there were so many of them, but that they had to all be described in depth.

I enjoyed the other characters, Kest and Brasti, the people they meet and hook up with along the way - good and bad. And even Falcio's memories of his beloved King. They all fit perfectly in this world. They all work and I wanted to keep reading to learn more about them. One more chapter, one more chapter. *LOL*

So I figured out one or two of the puzzles before the reveals in the plot. It didn't matter, it didn't diminish my enjoyment one bit. In fact, I think it may have actually increased it because I was so pleased with the twists.

So yep, this was a rollicking, fun, thoughtful in parts, swashbuckling ride and I'm looking forward to reading the second book in the series. :)

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